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Sorry, kids…

… but I simply have nothing to post right now. I figured rather than to let the blog languish silently for another several days, I’d let y’all know.

I’ve been quite active on Twitter and Facebook, but that’s all politics, and I don’t want to bring that here.

I was supposed to see Steve today, but the poor man went to a new restaurant with his sister and they both got food poisoning. However, next week, we will celebrate our fourth anniversary of being play partners, so I am hoping for a fun post with that.

I’m busy editing lots of kinky books. Oh, and I booked our room for the upcoming Shadow Lane party. It will be here before you know it.

So… until the spank muse strikes again, I may be quiet for a while.

Don’t forget me. ♥

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16 thoughts on “Sorry, kids…

  1. Anonymous on said:



  2. Erica, you’re unforgettable!



  3. Anonymous — I sure hope not!

    Hermione — thank you, sweetie.


  4. Just don’t let it go too long; some of us depend on you.


  5. I won’t. And I wish you all celebratory spankings you are anticipating – % more!


  6. Zep — really? Aw….

    MrJ — I sure hope so. Some fun is in order.


  7. ValleysPixie on said:

    Ok, so I have been looking for good news snippets to counteract the world chaos (well, to help a little!) so here is not-too-new snippet from one of our quality newspapers, written by a well respected political commentator. The lovely man writes, about one of our more prominent politicians, that, “There is more than enough of the governess about her, one suspects, to deal with the naughty boys on the parliamentary benches who respond pliantly to the thwack of a hairbrush.” Ooh! Not my particular kink, but by golly in a daily newspaper, no less!


  8. VP — yikes! Yes, I can think of a few of our politicians who could use some of that…


  9. Definitely can’t forget you! 🙂 You are thought of often even though I am not around as much.


  10. Jay — thanks. Hope you’re doing OK.


  11. Erica, talking about politics. For a good laugh. How about Mrs. Trump, copying Mrs. Obama’s speech. I believe Mrs. Trump deserves a panties down ‘six of the best’ strokes of the cane’ on her bare bottom. Don’t you.


  12. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hiya Erica ❤ I would never forget you, I am so sorry that Steve got food poisoning that’s terrible. I hope he feels better very soon 😦 You would think that the people at the restaurant would make sure the food is not expired before they serve it. Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean xxxxx ❤ 💖 💟 ☺


  13. mike on said:

    Here I am again, one of those lurkers…lol.
    I happened across Fifty Shades the other night and thought I would take a gander. I love a good spanking session. I was disgusted at all the hype about this movie. This movie was nothing more than a girl wanting to marry this guy and change him.
    What a waste of my time to sit and watch his movie. I should have listened to you from the start and left it off my viewing list.
    I understand the drought in blogging and hope the words will flow again soon.
    Oh, I don’t know if you read ( Under his hand. Her son was murdered.
    Take care,


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