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New Guy has a bad cold. I kinda had a feeling… usually on Monday morning, he drops me an email to tease me a bit about what’s coming later. This morning, I didn’t hear from him… and then I got email from him in the early afternoon, when he’s usually at work. 😦  Poor guy was sick all weekend and he didn’t want to take a chance of spreading it to me.

Wish I could make him some chicken soup or something. Oh, wait. That’s right… I don’t cook. Never mind. I’ll just have to send my best wishes and recovery thoughts.

So, what’s a girl to do while she waits for her top to feel better? Post more pictures!

I have some goofy ones from the opening of the Nervous-Neglected-Wife-Hires-a-Prostitute video. My character has never done anything like this before, you understand, and Sarah’s character is trying to put her at ease. Before Hubby comes home unexpectedly, she attempts a bit of seduction:

Naturally, when we were shooting these stills, K and Paul were hooting and hollering (I swear, men are so juvenile), so Sarah and I started hamming it up…

And then, of course we both lost it.

Here’s me playing innocent and sweet (after I’ve practically thrown Sarah behind the bed) when Paul surprises me by coming home early…

And Sarah just had to make a little more mischief.

Hummmppph. 🙂

Here’s the frustrated teacher and the bratty schoolgirl. I love Sarah’s expression — “WTF do you want from me??”

Check out Paul’s expression here — (“Do I love my job? Oh HELL yeah!”)

And just for the hell of it, here’s another picture of Max, because he’s so darn cute:

Keep your eye on Sarah’s blog as well… she’s got a whole lot of stuff going on, but I know she’ll be writing about our adventures as well. (Oh, and psssssst… on February 5, somebody’s having a birthday.) 🙂

I’m still not fully back to reality yet. I can’t believe I was there for only four-and-a-half days; we crammed so much into them. I’m waiting for a drop like I get after parties; hasn’t happened so far, so maybe I’ll get lucky and dodge it.

I do miss New Guy, though. Take good care, darlin’. 🙂

Weekend + a couple of pictures

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I was so jet-lagged and loopy on Friday, I stayed home that evening, but went to John’s yesterday morning instead. It was fun to catch him up on all the adventures and stories. He was enjoying it all and kept asking for more. Poor baby had dental work done, so he was in a fair amount of discomfort; I’m glad I could distract him. Still has the rash, but says the itching is lessening slowly. I so want him to feel good again…

Sheesh! I take a few days off from blogging and my stats plunge. Ah well, I guess if you don’t write, people don’t come, ’cause there’s nothing new to read. OK, I’ll do my best to get the interest back up again. How about a couple more pictures from last week?

These are from the snotty waitress scenario — Paul the annoyed customer taking me to task:

Facial reaction angle:

And here’s a rarity — me, exhibiting contrition (isn’t Sarah’s dress cute?):

This one is from the “hooker” shoot — can you believe those handprints??

Paul had a case of dry skin happening on his right palm on Wednesday; I offered him some lotion, and he scoffed, “Nah, I don’t want to smell like a girl.” Men! So he kept on going, and when we wrapped, his skin had broken in about six places, tiny little splits.

Ouch! See the little cuts at the base of his fingers? So there were K and Sarah, fussing over him, asking if he was OK, offering him skin balm, ice, etc. Hello?? Sore butt over here! 😀

I have several photos of Sarah and me, and of the three of us, but I want to run them by Sarah first to make sure she’s OK with my posting them.

Meanwhile, New Guy is coming over tomorrow; it’s been two weeks and he says his hand is itching for some action. I seem to be fully recovered, except I have a bit of “sandpaper butt.” So I’m loading up with Gold Bond Mega-Ultra-Healing cream. I missed him!

Back to the gym tomorrow too, after not going for a week. Can’t say I missed that. Some day they’ll invent a pill we can take that will tone our muscles while we sprawl on the couch watching trash TV and eating peanut-butter Oreos.

Well, it’s a nice dream, anyway. Right up there with finding an anti-wrinkle cream that does everything its ads promise. You know it doesn’t really exist, but you still keep hoping!

Back tomorrow to report on the Monday evening festivities. 😀

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