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Spanking Awards 2015


DSC00004 (2)

I know that not everyone likes contests. I get that it’s not a competition and everyone has something to offer. But I think this annual Spanking Awards thing is kinda fun. The Spanking Spot used to do it, and since last year it’s been taken over by John O. of Triple AAA Spanking. It’s a nice way to recognize the efforts of the performers, the videos you like, the bloggers. And what I especially like is that the Blogger category was recently split into two: News and Creative. Chross will always win for News, and rightly so, but now others can win as well.

You don’t have to vote on every category. Also, unfortunately, you cannot nominate Dreams of Spanking, as deserving as it is, because it’s been taken down due to the UK ATVOD. 😦 But any live site or blog is eligible.

Let’s make this fun and interactive! Go check out the nominations post here.

And don’t forget: Love Our Lurkers 10 is coming this Thursday/Friday. You can read all about that on Hermione’s blog, here.

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10 thoughts on “Spanking Awards 2015

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I already nominated you for your blog and Lifetime Achievement Award. I always look forward to your blog posts.


  2. Let us add a Correspondence Shame Award. The nomination procedure is already in place.


  3. Hi Erica,
    Its already LOL day here so I will get in early and wish you, Steve and John a very Happy LOL Day!
    Downunder Don


  4. You definitely deserve the Creative Blog of the Year award. You’re the queen as far as I’m concerned. ❀


  5. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica β™‘ Can I still nominate you? I want you to win you are the GREATEST blogger in the world πŸ™‚ Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean β™‘ β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†


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