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Silly (and very old) startle

Y’all know what spanko startles are, right? When you’re watching something mainstream and you hear some sort of verbiage or reference to our most enjoyable kink.

Yes, I realize no one under 40 (perhaps 50) will remember Groucho Marx, but this is from an unsold pilot he did in the early 1960s called The Plot Thickens. In it, a video of a murder mystery is shown, and then the suspects are gathered and it’s up to a panel of “experts,” Groucho included, to determine who the murderer is. Once it’s been discovered that Lois, the femme fatale wife, was the culprit, check out the host’s reaction:

I have this as an extra on a DVD of Groucho’s old quiz show, You Bet Your Life. I remember years ago, Danny Chrighton and I were watching it, and when Jack Linkletter said, “You naughty, naughty murderer!” both our heads snapped up and our eyes widened at the same time. Ah, we spankos are so wired.

“You caught me!” “Yeah, I caught you!” (and of course, I’m imagining that he added “and now I’m going to spank you, you little murdering minx!”)

Once again, can you tell I have spanking on the brain? One more week till Vegas!

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18 thoughts on “Silly (and very old) startle

  1. Hehe, fun! I love spanking startles, although they can be awkward and embarrassing around the wrong people. I think I’ve gotten good at not showing a reaction to vanillas. Also, I miss Danny, and I know who Groucho is! :-p ❤


  2. Sarah Rocks on said:

    I love the adult cartoon Archer. There are always spanking references! He’s pretty sexy as far as cartoons, as long as you don’t let the knowledge of what John Benjamin actually looks like creep into your mind 😛 I also still have dreams about the trailer for the new the man from U.N.C.L.E.


  3. Sarah — I’d never heard of Archer. But I just Googled the Man From U.N.C.L.E. trailer. I need a shower now…


  4. Michael Valentine on said:

    One of my most memorable “starlets” was during Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I was probably about 14 and was in the theater with my Mother and sister. I was sure that my blush was bright enough for everyone to see in the darkened theater.

    Thankfully, it was early in the movie because it was a while before I could stand comfortably.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas. Pandie and I arrive on Thirsday.


  5. Michael — “And then the oral sex!” 😀


  6. I had an unexpected startle recently. One that actually reminded me of you. 🙂 In a good way. 🙂

    I love sea shanties. Those often bawdy; sometimes politically incorrect songs sung by sailors, whalers, pirates and other seafaring types. Some of the songs date from the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of the songs have been standardized in terms the melodies and lyrics, etc. Most of them have standard melodies and sometimes even standard refrains, but the lyrics vary from singer to singer. One of my favorite sea shanties is called “A Drop of Nelson’s Blood”. The melody and chorus never vary but the lyrics depend on the singers. I recently stumbled on a version that like I said reminded me of you. Pay very close attention to the third verse in this version.


  7. A spanklo’s mind….


  8. Nice find!

    I also know who Groucho Marx is (although I didn’t know he had done TV shows). What I did not know is that those spanking finds had an official name. Regardless, I would have loved to have seen Lois spanked. They would have been able to get away with it back then too.

    As an aside I recently saw the new Man from UNCLE movie and 75% of the reason why was due to promise of a spanking – I was disappointed. Again based on the setting it is supposed to take place, they probably would have been able to get away with it back then too.


  9. Mike — ha! No, it wouldn’t do me any harm. 😀 Hadn’t heard that song before.

    MrJ — Yes…

    Enzo — Groucho’s “You Bet Your Life” quiz show ran from 1947-50 on radio, then from 1950-61 on both radio and TV. But it was rerun in syndication in the 70s, which was when I first saw it.

    Nothing more annoying than empty spanking threats!


  10. I liked the grin on the singer’s face during verse three.



  11. Anonymous on said:

    Groucho was great and spanking startles… well, maybe even better.
    Have a great time in Las Vegas.

    Anon E. Mouse


  12. Hermione — a rather knowing grin, wouldn’t you say?

    Mouse — I loved Groucho. Actually, I loved all the Marx Brothers. I own several of their films on DVD.


  13. Hugs!


  14. Mimi — thank you!


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