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Heil to the Cheeto…

…and willkommen, Adolf Twitler. Or should I say пожаловать?

Don’t bother looking it up; it’s “welcome” in Russian. Hey, we might as well start learning it. Our new POS — er, POTUS has been, so he can understand his new owner when Putin says, “Suck my d$&k, my little orange pet.”


In light of the recent revelations, I wonder just what’s in that bottle…

Stay healthy, friends. And try to freeze your ageing process for a while. Because you won’t be able to afford getting sick or growing old once your health insurance, Medicare and Social Security are gutted. Oh, and ladies, stockpile your birth control, because Planned Parenthood is on the chopping block too.

To those who are sneering, laughing, gloating, and saying things like “Your tears taste delicious,” I’d say the last laugh will be mine, but sadly, I’ll be screwed along with the rest of you. And to the poor ignorant fools who are now screaming, “Wait… what?? The Affordable Care Act and Obamacare are one and the same? Nooooo! My health insurance!” I’d feel sorry for you, but… Nahhh. I don’t.

Think I’m making this up? It’s already happening. Behold one of the many examples from Two real tweets, one month apart, same person.


Schadenfreude? You bet your ass. This is what happens when you don’t believe what’s right in front of your face. We tried — and tried, and tried — to tell you.

Sleep well, democracy. Hope we can revive you before too much damage is done and we become even more of a laughing stock than we are already.

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10 thoughts on “Heil to the Cheeto…

  1. I think I will join you soon. he President has just told us: it will be US first, then US, and then US.
    The good news is that these are great time for stand up comedians and arodial twitter accounts, like @MatureTrump


  2. POTUS’ first EO just after the parade was to ease the burden of ACA to the extent the law allows. Guess who that likely benefits? Oh, and the White House website now says nothing about LGBTQ, civil rights, and similar. Where’s that root beer?


  3. sweetsong1 on said:

    Dear Erica, I thought you might like to know that my partner-in-kink and I joined the anti-Trump march in London on Saturday and enjoyed the huge array of creative, punchy and often humorous placards. Our favourite read: ‘I’d call Trump a c**t, but he has neither warmth nor depth.’ Tens of thousands of marchers went home with a pic of that on their smart phones. 🙂

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  4. baxter on said:

    Do I feel bad for the trumpanzees that swallowed every drop of the Dumpster’s crap? No because if they took a few minutes to research the subjects, they would have known that he was going to screw them right after they voted for him. Now they will lose their healthcare and won’t get their crappy old factory jobs back. Ignorance is not bliss. I will say though that I hope the millions of women who peacefully marched this past Saturday keep it up. At some point, the pendulum will swing back and whack the orange toddler in the side of his head. I suspect the 2018 midterms will ignite the fire.


  5. mitchphilbin on said:

    I heard one of the better signs Saturday had pictures of: 1) George Washing saying “I cannot tell a lie”; 2) a kindergartner saying “I must tell the truth”; and 3) Donald Trump saying “I cannot tell the difference.”

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  6. It’s getting worse all he time, but it’s keeping the media busy and generating a ton of advertising revenue.

    The current immigration idiocy is insane. Can he trunp that? Oh wait, of course he can. Silly me!



  7. mitchphilbin on said:

    Bad Hombre is a good caption above. Today’s news brought word that el-presidente told Mexico to take care of the bad hombres, or US troops might be sent in. We need that wall fast to keep us out of Mexico. Oh, and just for chuckles, he apparently insulted the PM of Australia and hung up on him in a fit of pique. Nothing like alienating your friends. How long ’til a northern wall? Hell, build one on the east and west coasts, too, and make this land of ours a giant swimming pool ……… or swamp? Remember, he was going to drain, not fill, the swamp.


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