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Some industry news: Spanking Court and Sternwood Academy return!

Some of you who have been with me for a while may remember, back in 2011, I was shooting for a site known as Spanking Court. SC, and its sister site, Sternwood Academy (about a naughty girls’ school) were the brainchild of Cali Katarina, who along with her Dom and partner, ran Alpine Sierra Studios.

Spanking Court was wonderful fun. Dana Kane and Michael Donovan were the Bailiff and Court Disciplinarian, respectively, there was a strict judge, and the court saw many defendants during its time, including Snow Mercy, Nikki Rouge, Samantha Grace, Alex Reynolds, Ten Amorette, Christy Cutie, Maddy Marks, and lots more. I was lucky enough to do a six-episode story arc, which started out kind of different from the rest of the “cases”: I was there to try a sort of physical/psychological experiment, with court-assigned spanking as treatment for depression. However, I quickly ran afoul of the Court Disciplinarian; I was ticked off by his coldly professional demeanor (and his insistence on calling me “ma’am”), and my “treatment” morphed into a clash of wills where I did my best to get his goat. Of course, everything I said and did ended up backfiring on me. But in my final appearance, which was all about resolution and closure, I got to have the last word, in a most unexpected way. 🙂

Me, smirking, as usual:


When Alpine Sierra Studios ceased production a couple of years ago, the massive collection of SC and Sternwood videos were no longer available for purchase. Which I thought was a terrible shame and a waste — they’d put in so much work, so much talent had been involved, and there was a lot of fresh, creative content. I’d had the time of my life working with these people and I hated the fact that the evidence of those good times had disappeared.

Until now! The entire library of Spanking Court and Sternwood Academy videos is being restored and reissued, by none other than Dana Kane and Michael Donovan, and distributed through both their Clips4Sale stores. There is a lot of material and they are putting up a few clips at a time, so it will be a while before the collection is complete once again. But in time, it will all be there. I’m so jazzed about this! So happy to see all this good work available once again.

These videos were the real deal, with authentic costumes, sets, etc. To read more about them and get links to the sites where you can buy them, check out this post on Dana’s blog.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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6 thoughts on “Some industry news: Spanking Court and Sternwood Academy return!

  1. That indeed is breaking news.
    I guess the world,. well at least some spots, will be a safer space.


  2. Bobbie Jo on said:

    I can think of some people I would like to see go through a court like this one as well. A lot of them.


  3. Hi Erica — That’s wonderful news 🙂 I am so glad that the videos are being restored 🙂 I liked watching you on Spanking Court,but then again, I have Loved every video that you have ever have been in 🙂 You do fabulous work.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean


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