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Thanksgiving Eve

Or, as I call it, Wednesday. I have no plans tomorrow. Don’t worry; it’s completely my choice. When my mother was alive (and in her right mind), TG was my favorite holiday, but those days are past. And I’d rather not do something or another that’s obligatory, just because the calendar dictates it. I can ponder upon what I’m grateful for on my own, without stuffing myself into oblivion. Fortunately, John understands and isn’t pushing any agenda. Ever since the inheritance debacle with his sisters last year after his mother passed, he knows I am done with his family, save for his brother and sister-in-law. After years and years of going to their various gatherings, of constant forced interaction with people I really don’t like, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. So, there’s a grateful right there.

Being part of a couple is a lovely thing. But holy crap, the stuff you have to do sometimes…

Anyway, enough of that. Today I’m feeling fairly peaceful, thanks to a wonderfully ouch-y visit from Steve yesterday, and then dinner with SpankCake last night. Oh, and I have work, so I can be quite functional during my quiet time. All good.

Yesterday, Steve provided quite the pre-Thanksgiving smorgasbord; he used no less than six implements, two of them wood. @#$%!! He was so proud of himself that he’d remembered to bring his camera and had the battery in there and charged (he’s been known to leave the battery out, or to find out it’s completely dead when we’re ready to use it). So, as I set up the pillows on the bed, he was fumbling with the camera, trying to take a couple of test shots, and it wouldn’t work. “What’s wrong with this thing??” he fumed. It’s still a relatively new camera, and it’s got a lot of whistles and bells on it, which he hasn’t figured out, so when something doesn’t work, he doesn’t always know what the problem is. “You know, this camera is too sophisticated for me, I think,” he grumbled, and I agreed. Then he fumbled some more, and made a wry face.

Catching my eye, he then proceeded to remove the lens cap.

I couldn’t help it; I fell on the bed laughing. “OK, that was lame,” he admitted. But he still gave me a thigh swat for laughing at him. Meanie.

Oh, and along with all the implements, he had a Sharpie.


(You can faintly see that lone swat on my left thigh.)

It had been a while since we’d used wood. And you know, I didn’t miss it one bit. The combination of the solid thuds and stinging snaps had me reeling. I had to make a concentrated effort to relax; he noticed I was flinching, and called me on it. It was purely involuntary, but once I was aware of it, I was able to stop. Amazing how much easier it is to take when I relax into it and accept it.

(Sounds a little like life, no?)

Anyway… when we were done, I may have said something along the lines of, “Let’s do something different with the after-picture this time.” By different, I was thinking perhaps another room, position, etc. Steve, of course, had other ideas.

So, this happened.


Yes, the hallway of my apartment building again. I said no at first. But Steve walked up and the down the hall, made sure no one was approaching, and it was really quick. He counted down, I jumped out and quickly took position, he snapped a few shots and I dashed back inside. Bing bang boom.

A bit of exhibitionism may be one of my kinks, but I swear it gives Steve more pleasure and excitement than it does me! He was so jazzed afterward, hugging me and telling me how awesome I was. Meanwhile, my heart was pounding so hard, I thought I was having a coronary episode. Still, I was pleased with myself. 1. I went outside my comfort zone, and 2. I can’t help it; I like getting away with naughty stuff. 😀

Interesting delayed reaction, though. Once we were in aftercare mode and he was holding me close, out of nowhere I began to cry. He doesn’t even question it anymore, or try to fix it. He just tightens his arms around me and lets me release whatever is going on. As the kids say, sometimes I simply have too many feels.

And what better way to top off a lovely spanky day than to have dinner with one of my besties, share chocolate cake and spend hours catching up? We missed Alex, of course, who is out of town for the holiday. But the three of us will hang out when she’s back.

So. Tomorrow, my American friends, whatever you’re doing on Thanksgiving, I hope it’s happy. May you have good food, good company, and if your blood family blows, that you have chosen family to be with. Life really is too short to spend time with people who suck said life out of you.

And for my non-American friends, may your Thursday be exceptionally pleasant. 🙂


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18 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Eve

  1. Steve must have felt very grateful to celebrate the eve like this.


  2. Thank you Erica, and Happy Spanksgiving to you too. You still have one of the prettiest bottoms anywhere. I am thankful that you are always so eager to show it!!!


  3. Happy Thursday to you!!! You are an amazing woman and a wonderful writer… Keep up the great work!!


  4. Anonymous on said:

    Before you do one of your “hallway” poses you should check to make sure that the lock on your door is set so that you won’t be locked out if the door is closed accidentally, It might be a bit em bare assing to knock on your Super’s door to ask him to let you back in. (Unless you have an extra key stuck in your sock)


  5. MrJ — I know I did!

    subhub — aw, thank you.

    Dale — you’re so nice!

    Anonymous — ha! Good idea. I do have an extra key well hidden in a secret place, but I’d have to meander a fair distance to retrieve it!


  6. Erica:

    Just have a good day. As for me and my fin ace we are just going to spend a quiet day at home. I do not miss those T-Day family dinners. I used to call them dinner and a show. My ex-wife always made a big production of dinner and by the end of dinner my kids were fighting with their Mom and I just got up and left.

    Steve gave you a great spanking that the pictures reflect.



  7. I LOVED your hallway adventure…. Nicely done you should be very proud of yourself….


  8. anonymous on said:

    Doesn’t it feel liberating to rid your life of toxic people?
    Speaking of toxic, I haven’t had a cold in 14 months. That changed last Monday. I’ve been battling nasal a and chest congestion since then. One way for me to cope with various annoying relatives tomorrow is to DROWN that cold virus in vodka! 🙂


  9. Bob — yup. Gotta love those family battles… er, dinners.

    wthwing — thanks! Proud of myself? Wellll, that’s debatable . 😉

    Anonymous — it does indeed. And bleccchhh to colds! You could always skip the annoying relatives, y’know. After all, you’re just being considerate and keeping your cold germs away from them. 😀


  10. Excellent penmanship.
    Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t work too hard 😉
    No holiday here, but I am entertaining an American friend tonight. We’re going for a curry 🙂


  11. DelFonte — nah, not too hard, just enough to feel like I’m doing something. 😉


  12. Happy Thanksgiving Erica. This Thanksgiving on HBO Channel they are showing 50 Shades of Grey the movie. I loved it, because I saw it as a love story. The acting was good. They say “never judge a book by its cover. I say never judge a movie by its critics.” This is my honest opinion. XXX luv ya.


  13. Wow! You are so daring to pose for a pic in your hallway. I’m not sure I would have been brave enough. But then, when a top gives an order, it’s second nature for me to obey (usually).



  14. Being part of a couple is a lovely thing. But holy crap, the stuff you have to do sometimes… Many a true word spoken `in your vest`Erica
    …………just one thing,when a lady is posing and ready for the picture to be taken she should ALWAYS take her socks off……lol………take care


  15. Hermione — I know, right? It was very quick, done before I lost my nerve.

    Graham — but my feet were cold!! Besides, I’m no lady. 🙂


  16. Anonymous on said:

    Yes, my dear, I thoroughly enjoyed you dashing into the hallway for those quick pictures. Thank you for being so brave. As for laughing at me about the lens cap, I hope you laugh at me more often because I love giving those wonderful thigh swats…many more to come. Oh, and I always want to be there to hold you close when you feel the need to cry. Hugs.


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